Cruises tour in Vietnam – How to travel

Vietnam is such a beautiful country to explore. There are many tourist spots that travelers would not like to miss when they are in the country. No matter how much time they have, they would make sure that they can roam around the most beautiful and the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. There are so many amazing countries in the southeastern part of Asia, but Vietnam is always chosen as one of the most visited spots. Why do they choose Vietnam? It is because in this country, tourist spots are not just simply a place to visit, but a place where you can learn and enjoy at the same time.

Mekong River Cruise

On and off the shore, you can choose which part of Vietnam to visit. It is also best to travel and move around Vietnam on board and enjoy the river cruise. It is not always that expensive to roam around Vietnam while you are on the boat or ship. Many travelers consider much of their expenses when it comes to traveling that is why most of them choose to travel by car or bus on the road. But, it will always be a great and a memorable experience to cruise along the rivers in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a cruise tour in Vietnam, you can find various travel agencies and tourist guides to accompany you on your trip. Through them, you can have a more convenient stay on the river. You can hear a lot of stories and they can be of big help to you, especially if you have a different culture. Travel companies can give you the best satisfaction and what you are expecting on your cruise tour. They are specialized in doing such job, so you will not surely fail your one of a kind trip on the river.

The Mekong River

The Mekong River is one of the most visited rivers for the boat and cruise lovers. You can find the Mekong River flows 2,700 miles to the southern part of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta has nine branches and the people of Vietnam call this as the Nine Dragons River or the Song Cuu Long. Cruising the Mekong River will lead you to different cities in Vietnam. It is also connected to other neighboring countries. What’s more amazing when cruising the Mekong River is the accessibility to the floating markets, ports and fish farms. With your river cruise, you can also have a great chance to know more about the life style of the people who are living along the river banks.

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Reviews and Benefits of having an Above Ground Pools

Before I go into the full review of some of the well known purchased above ground pools, let me discuss first some of the benefits of having above ground pools.

  1. Cheaper
    • Compared to an in-ground pool, above ground pools cost only a fraction of the cost of having the former.
    • In-ground pools costs about a little as $25,000 while the above ground pools costs about a few hundreds to about $2000 depending on the size and brand.
    • Some above pools are too cheap that you can easily replace them with new ones and still not cost as much as the in-ground pools.
  2. Fast to Assemble and Disassemble
    • As soon as your box arrives, setting up will take only a few minutes to an hour
    • But if But if you are going to get the largest setting it up will take about 2 days
    • You can also disassemble it really fast for keeping if you don’t want to use it anymore or you want to relocate it in another
  3. Portability
    • You can disassemble it and place it in another area if you are not contented with the area you first place it
    • Since it is so portable you can carry it with you wherever you want to go like going to a friends house, a relative or any place you want to have a pool.
  4. Storage
    • Storing this product is easy because it is compact. You can place it in the storage room or any place where you can keep it safely
    • During winter you can easily disassemble it and keep it until the next warm weather comes
  5. Keeps the fun alive
    • Having a pool in your backyard is fun and relaxing
    • Keeps the kids busy and active
    • Great for bonding with family and friends
  6. Other Beneficial Usages
    • Great alternative for hydrotherapy. This is especially useful for people with joint pains or mobility problem
    • Water exercises can be addressed here for people who wants to exercise without bearing much weight on their joints
    • Can do strength exercises and flexibility exercises without much pain due to gravity

Listed below are two products that are among the  most well reviewed Above ground pools that are super popular in the market.

  1. Intex Easy Set Pool Set

One of the coolest reason why this type of above ground pool is very easy to assemble and will only take about 15 and you are ready to swim. The material used is made of durable PVC material with an inflatable ring that can hold the water inside. It comes with a pool ladder and a filter that can accommodate 1000 gallons of water. And this pool is available in various sizes that suitable for small kids to adults. It is very easy to clean and to store which I personally love. The only downside is the pump might not last long, which means that  you might have to have it replaced earlier or it needs longer warranty.

  1. Intex Metal Frame Pool set

This is one of the most famous above ground pools sold today. It is popular because it is much sturdier than the first one because of its metal frame bu it affordable too. This is also very easy to assemble which only needs 30 minutes then you are ready to add in the water. It also comes with a pool ladder and a filter pump.

Some advantages:

  • Simple set up
  • If properly covered may survive during winter
  • Durable pvc material that can withstand pet claw marks
  • Filter pumps are good quality
  • For ages 3 years old to adult
  • Has built in ground fault interruptor that will keep you or anyone safe from electricity shocks.


  • The frame supports needs to be more sturdier cause it is prone to bending or breaks if the weight applied are too heavy.
  • Needs to have a more powerful filter pumps
  • When setting up, you need to be sure that the ground is very levelled so that the frame wll not give.

There are many other above ground swimming pools in the market and may suit your needs better so I suggest that you do more research before buying.

Buying High-Quality Longboards on the Market

Choosing a Longboard

There are a few things to consider when choosing a longboard. One is the length that usually measures from 33 to 50 inches. Make sure that the size of the longboard must fit with your height. This matters because it has something to do with your maneuverability, tricks and turns.

Next, you must also take note of the shape of the deck, such as pintail, drop-through, flat-nose or swallowtail. Of course, you will not simply choose any shape because that will depend on how you would like to use your longboard. Will it be for commuting, down hilling or cruising?

When it comes to the decks, choose the right level of flexibility and consider the speed it takes when you push, slide, turn or carve. Always think about every move that you would like to do with your longboard. Continue reading Buying High-Quality Longboards on the Market

The Best Hiking Shoes for Men

For a hiker a good pair of shoes is very important. It gives you the freedom that you need to move around in nature and soak up its goodness. Without a proper foot wear will make you miss all those great opportunities. And not only that, you will feel frustrated and in pain. I know, cause it happened to me before. I hiked to the Pacific Crest trail with just an ordinary low cut boots and end up having blisters and sprained ankles. That’s when I have learned my lesson.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men

So avoid that mishaps, what you need to do is take the time to analyze first what really need. There are many hiking shoes in the market today, and each boasts to be the best among the rest. But first consider some things before buying like its material, its heaviness, its flexibility, its ankle support and its linings will all matter to hikers especially if the terrain you are going to are a bit more treacherous.

I have gathered here some of the best hiking shoes men, I hope you can find them useful when you are about to buy one.

  • Columbia North Plains

This is a durable, affordable and lightweight boots that is perfect for strolling through the woods. This boots has great cushioning to absorb shock and gives sufficient traction helping hikers move comfortably. It is very versatile cause you can use it anyway you want. You can even wear it at work. It has waterproof and breathable materials that is great when you want to cross a stream cause the water won’t penetrate your shoes.

  • Merrell All Out Blaze

Merrell has always been known to have the best hiking shoes but this one just takes the cake when you are looking for a boot that is durable but is still lightweight. The Merrell All Out Blaze is perfect for long hikes and quick hikes. It has waterproof but breathable mesh uppers and leather outer materials that keeps your foot dry. It keeps it also cool perfect for hiking in a hot summer weather. The lightweight construction of this boots will keep the hiker comfortable especially those who are not fans of heavy backpacking and to keep your feet from fatigue, this great boots have E-foam midsole inserts that is soft and comfortable. The great traction that this shoe provides is enough for hikers to get going further and further in trekking. Continue reading The Best Hiking Shoes for Men

Reviews of the best camping cot to choose

Tips in choosing the best camping cot

Camping is a great way spending time with family or friends. With this kind of outdoor activity you can express yourself and you can show how responsible you are, especially you have limited sources. You are not at home and you need to use whatever resources you can find around you, so that you can have a successful camping experience.

It takes much preparation and planning, so that you can have a great camping experience. You have to bring your camping backpack loaded with your personal and important stuffs, you have to bring a durable camping cot and a tent.

When it comes to a camping cot, you are not just considering your sleeping issues, but also the ease of assembling this, how you are going to carry it, store or pack the camping cot, and how you are going to move it. In that case, you must be able to find the best camping cot available on the market. The one that can give you the best feature and comfort.

Tips in choosing the best camping cot

You have to consider the length and the width of the camping cot. Make sure that your height and size of your body will be enough for the size of the camping cot. There are various sizes anyway, so make sure to get the right dimension, so that you will feel comfortable sleeping on it. How will you feel sleeping on a camping cot where your height is too tall for it? With that, then you need to sleep on a curve and that won’t be helpful for a very busy and tiring day.

When it comes to your weight, make sure that the camping can carry you. Do not ever buy a camping cot that can’t carry your weight, so that it won’t easily break. Would like to fall on the ground while you are sleeping on your camping cot? That won’t help. It is even risky and may be dangerous because you may be injured or get back pains. So, that must be avoided.

Lastly, make sure that the camping cot is durable. Check the materials used for the legs and frames of the camping cot. How about the fabric used? How about the foam? Those are just the things that you must not forget to check. Continue reading Reviews of the best camping cot to choose

Travel by biking Italy’s Apennines Mountains

Mountain bikers of levels will find the correct track for their tires on Mount Cimone. The region features 120 different itineraries covering 1500 km ideal for bicycles, over an area that stretches towards the provinces of Bologna as well as Reggio Emilia.

Mountain bike and mountain lovers will quickly realize that the Modena Apennines provide a wealth of opportunities. Cross-country, freeride as well as downhill courses and paths, many of which tend to be GPS mapped, unfold across breathtaking scenery connecting the municipalities from the district (Montecreto, Fanano, Lama Mocogno, , Fiumalbo, , Riolunato, Serramazzoni, Pavullo, Pievepelago as well as Sestola), as well since the municipalities in the areas of Fringano, Val Dragone as well as East Modena Mountain Neighborhood.

biking Italy’s Apennines Mountains

The Apennines are the actual long system of mountain tops and hills that run down the Italian peninsula in the Cadibona Pass to the end of the Calabria Region and carry on the island of Sicily. The number is about 1, 245 kilometers (2, 000 kilometres) long; it is just about 20 miles (thirty-two km) wide from either end but regarding 120 miles (190 km) wide within the Central Apennines, east associated with Rome, where the “Great Rock and roll of Italy” (Nan Sasso d’Italia) offers the highest Apennine peak (9, 554 ft. [2,912 m]) and also the only glacier on the actual peninsula, Calderone, the southernmost within Europe. Continue reading Travel by biking Italy’s Apennines Mountains

The Top backpack diaper bag reviews in 2016

Finding the best diaper bag

Traveling is a part of one’s life. If you have plans of going out for a weekend trip, pretty sure that you will prepare everything ahead of time. You may have a list of the things that you need to carry, so that you will not miss them and leave them behind. If you do not have a baby to carry, you are just thinking only of your personal needs. You do not even mind if you forget some of your things because it is easy to find them in the shops.

When you are traveling and you already have a baby, your priority is to prepare the things of your baby. Now, what you need is to have a diaper bag backpack to fit all your baby needs. So, how sure are you that you have the best diaper bag backpack to use? Did you get the best from your favorite bag shop? Did you find it on the market? Remember that there is a wide variety of options to choose from on the market? So, how sure are you when it comes to the quality and durability of your diaper bag backpack?

Finding the best diaper bag

To find the best diaper bag backpack to use, you have to consider some features. You must carefully check and consider the number of pockets, the straps, the zippers, the material used and make sure that it is spacious enough, so that it can accommodate all your baby needs. Continue reading The Top backpack diaper bag reviews in 2016

Guides and Reviews in choosing the best small tactical flashlight for EDC

Factors to consider in buying the best small tactical flashlight for EDC

Choosing a tactical flashlight to carry for everyday use is not that easy because of the wide range of tactical flashlights available on the market today. But, carrying a flashlight is also necessary, especially if you always go home late, if you have to travel, if you work at night and for emergency cases. It is a must to carry a tactical flashlight that you can afford and manage to bring and carry in your bag or in your pocket.

To guide you in buying the best small tactical flashlight for EDC, you have to consider a few factors. These factors will be very helpful in your careful selection.

small tactical flashlight for EDC

The size and shape of the tactical flashlight are very important because you must feel comfortable carrying it, especially this tactical flashlight is for your everyday use. It must not be heavy and it must have a clip, so that you can clip it on your belt, bag or keep it in your pocket. With the right size, a small tactical flashlight will then be the best to carry.

Aside from that, you must also consider the light, which must be adjustable and versatile. If it can offer various mode settings, then it will be best, especially if it can offer you emergency functions.

You must also check the batteries that you need for the tactical flashlight. You may choose the one with AA, an AAA or rechargeable batteries.

Those are just a few factors to consider. There are just a few of them, but it is a must considering factor, so that you can say that it is a tactical flashlight for your every day use.

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