List of necessary climbing gear

As a person, it is such a good hobby to get involved with different kinds of sport. It doesn’t matter if your sport is some kind of extreme or traditional. What is important is for a person to enjoy what he is doing. If you are happy with the kind of sports that you have chosen, then you will surely love to do it every free time in your life. And for many people, the sports that they love, their passion, is their life. It is also the source of income for many people, especially those who are big stars and became famous because of their sports.


For those people who loves to go climbing in the mountains or whatever rock it is. This is not as simple as you think. Before you move out and explore those mountains to reach the top, you have to make sure that you are prepared and ready for this sport. You have to learn the basics of climbing by simply starting and practicing on the gyms or centers providing help or mastery of the said climbing activity.

When it comes to climbing, it is a necessity for you to have a complete set of your climbing gear for your safety and for the success of your climbing career.

You must have quickdraws that is in 10 -12 cm long for straight forward routes and 15-18 cm long for reducing rope drags and meandering routes. It is very important for you to know the location where you are going to climb, so that you will know the number of draws that you will be using, but it is always best to have extra draws.

It is also necessary for you to have a down-turned, high performance climbing shoes that will make your feet comfortable and will allow you to use toe hooks.

A sport harness that is designed to fit your needs as a climber.

You need a good 9.5 or 9.6 dry rope that you can easily clip.

An assisted braking belay device for your safety.

A chalk bag and a chalk to dry the moist from your hands.

An ultralight helmet for your shield against falling rocks.

A crag bag or a rope bag for your accessories and gears.

A stick clip for your quickdraw.

Belay glasses to reduce neck strain.

With all those gears completely set, then you must be ready to start climbing. Always consider your safety, so, also make sure that you are physically and mentally ready.

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