A Travel Guide in exploring Andes Mountains

As a traveler, we always look for a comfortable place with ancient cultures and a place with natural beauty. Andes Mountains are one of the most popular places that give excitement and the great adventure to the travelers. Even though these mountains were located in the last part of South Africa, travelers themselves feel at home and a bit comfortable.


The Andes Mountains was said to be the longest mountains in the entire world. It has the measure with 4,500 miles wide alongside with the west coast of South Africa. The Andes Mountains passes through 7 countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Peru making as the best place for people who loves to travel into different locations. To enjoy your vacation in Andes Mountain, you should know what to do so you won’t have any problem with it. This article provides some helpful tips or travel guide in exploring Andes Mountains since I am aiming to help you to enjoy your vacation. Just follow these easy guides so you won’t have any problem with your travelling moments.

First of all, if you didn’t come from the country of UK, Canada, and the US, you must have your own VISA. Citizens from that three countries don’t need to provide some Visa because all they need to do is to pay the reciprocity fee which costs $100 to enter the place. However, most citizens from Western Europe don’t need to provide a visa. Anytime, the requirements may change, so the best thing you can do is to check and keep updated.

The second point is the BUDGET and ALLOWANCE. Travelling to different places requires extra money, aside from the expected budget for emergency purposes. Aside from that, having an extra allowance means you can have a secure and safety trip. You can afford to stay in high-class hotels with secure service. You can buy anything you want as a souvenir present for your family and relatives. Not only that, you can avail an expensive flight so you won’t experience any delayed flight or poor service. Another thing is, keep your money divided into three. For example, put some money in your ATM card so if any emergency occurs, you can quickly swipe it to the machine. Second, you should convert some of your money to US dollars so if you need something to pay or buy that doesn’t accept ATM cards, then you can pay them immediately with no hassle. And lastly, always keep your credit card with you so that you can still buy anything you want if you’re already running out of cash or money at your ATM card.

Travellers like me are already aware that LANGUAGE is also one of the most important things to know during travelling. We are all mindful of the truth that the English language is considered to be like the international language. To socialize with other people from other countries, always keep in mind that you should know how to use the foreign language. It doesn’t require a perfect grammar, but as long as you can express what you are trying to say, it’s already enough.


And lastly, the SAFETY and SECURITY of your family depends on you. Some areas in Colombia are dangerous so you should conduct a research first before going to Andes Mountains. Remember, these place passes through seven countries so there might be another possible way to reach your destination.

Reminders: Always keep your eyes on your luggage, bag packs and other personal things because, in some countries, pick-pocketing and bag snatching are one of the most common crimes. To avoid it, always secure your wallet and gadgets, then put it in a small sling bag making the snatchers impossible to stole it.

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