Everything You Need To Know About Bike Fit

Have you ever suffered from back pain, shoulder discomfort and various types of pain after riding your bike? Many people will think this is due to their faults: there must be something wrong in their riding techniques. However, these pains are very likely caused by improper bike fit. That can happen with even the best road bikes under 1000 (you can visit my site for a detailed buying guide). Spending hundreds of dollar for a proper bike fitting session is not a simple matter so the following guide will help you understand why this process is important and other necessary information you need.

  1. What is bike fit?

Everyone is different. Your legs can be longer than your brother’s, for example. We also have different goals to achieve: some just for fun and leisure, some for serious competitions. Bike fit helps maximize our comfort and riding efficiency by making necessary adjustments to the bike’s components to fit our body type and riding goal.bike fit

Here are the main benefits of bike fit:

  • Enhance out comfort and reduce changes of injuries: The purpose of bike fit is to make sure our joints and muscles are held in the best position, which eventually helps to minimize injuries, especially back pain and wrist pain.
  • Improve overall performance: with our body set in the optimal position, it is no doubt that we can ride faster and longer; plus our endurance can be improved also.
  • Help us improve our technique: with a properly fitted bike that help us keep balance and engage our muscles fully and safely, we can learn new technique easier.
  • Help us save money and choose better equipment: when our performance is not as good as we expect, we try to improve it by purchasing expensive equipment – this upgrade is not necessarily useful. Bike specialist will help you find well-suited bike with the right components you need, thus helping you save a lot of money on accessories you do not really need.
  • Build our confidence and help us enjoy biking better: It is obvious: with reduced chances of injuries and improved performance, we will be more into cycling and hope to push ourselves better to achieve better technique and results. Cycling is no fun with back pain for sure.

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Travel Gifts for All Occasions

travel gifts ideasPeople on the run require a selection of lightweight, portable what to take with them on vacations and trips. The creative shopper will get dozens of travel presents that suit the average person needs of these who frequently live their lives out of suitcases because of hectic schedules and the needs of traveling for business or enjoyment. In an effort to generate ideas and suggest things that travelers may appreciate, here are some recommendations of thoughtful and practical travel gifts your road-weary friends, family members, and acquaintances might appreciate.

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Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

Bach Long Vi is an island and also a district of the city of Hai Phong, Vietnam. This is the most remote island in the Gulf of Tonkin, located in the middle of the bay, about 110 km from Hon Dau (Haiphong). The island is located on one of the eight large fishing grounds of the gulf, so it plays an important role in the sea economic development strategy and sea security – defense of the Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin and in the delimitation of the Tonkin Gulf.

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

There are legends related to the birth of this offshore island. A very long time ago, there was a herd of dragons from heaven flying down to the sea area of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. Some baby dragons stayed in Hai Phong forming Cat Ba Island. The rest laid in Quang Ninh Sea and formed the Ha Long Bay. Bach Long Vi is the tail of the mother dragon, like a jewel in the East Sea. The legend has raised the Bach Long Vi’s preciousness and people’s responsibility to protect this preciousness.

Best time to travel to Bach Long Vi

Bach Long Vi climate represents the climate of northern gulf coast with two main seasons: the rainy season from May to August, the weather is hot, humid and rainy; and dry season, from October to March next year, the weather is cold, dry and little rain. April and September are the months of transition between the two seasons. The average temperature in 23.30­C, so you can travel to Bach Long Vi in any season; however, you should come in the period of around April – September, because, during this period, the temperature is not too high, you can feel the cool air of the remote island.


Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

To move to Bach Long Vi, visitors can go with the fishing boats of fishermen, but it’s very time-consuming, and moving in the protruding sea in a long time can make visitors quite tired. Therefore, you should go catch Bach Long (White Dragon) speedboat from Binh wharf, Hai Phong (you will be on the island after about 7 hours). White Dragon ship is highly recommended for very convenient and comfortable services which may held to reduce your tiredness caused  by the waves.


Since Bach Long Vi island is located offshore and is not exploited to much for tourism, the system of hotels and resorts is not very available. You can ask to stay at the locals’ house or volunteer area because people here are especially friendly and sociable,  you just need to greet happily and say the reason, people here will be willing to welcome you.

Experiences and Joys

In immense waves, seeing the sunrise from the lighthouse is a wonderful experience. You would feel the harmony of the sky and the sea, the sea is as hugging the vast sky, while the sun also seems to be gently laid on the sea. Your soul will really serene and all sorrows, worries of daily life will be like the dust. Standing on the lighthouse, you can see the whole Bach Long Vi Island. Let’s take a picture of panoramic beauty of Bach Long Vi!

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

You can walk around the beach to feel a bit wild, but there’s something new about Bach Long Vi. The fine white sand, long sandy beaches and white waves slapping are like pleased to welcome friends from the distant mainland to Bach Long Vi.

When the sun sets, you can organize a small party on the beach. Besides the flickering camp fire with a Bach Long Vi seafood banquet, the gentle melody of the guitar, watching the sea with shimmering night sky full of stars … will certainly be an experience that you can not forget!

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

Following the fishing boats to go fishing, squid fishing or snorkeling to see coral in Bach Long Vi are also activities which bring you many new experiences. On the eastern side of the island of Bach Long Vi, there is a wind farm, abalone breeding center, you can come here to visit, try one day becoming a fisherman to be able to experience the daily life of the people here.

Seafood specialties

Coming to Bach Long Vi without enjoying seafood dishes is  really a major shortcoming! Bach Long Vi is famous for many seafood specialties, especially Bach Long Vy abalone which consists of two categories: stone abalone and hole abalone.

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