Everything You Need To Know About Bike Fit

Have you ever suffered from back pain, shoulder discomfort and various types of pain after riding your bike? Many people will think this is due to their faults: there must be something wrong in their riding techniques. However, these pains are very likely caused by improper bike fit. That can happen with even the best road bikes under 1000 (you can visit my site for a detailed buying guide). Spending hundreds of dollar for a proper bike fitting session is not a simple matter so the following guide will help you understand why this process is important and other necessary information you need.

  1. What is bike fit?

Everyone is different. Your legs can be longer than your brother’s, for example. We also have different goals to achieve: some just for fun and leisure, some for serious competitions. Bike fit helps maximize our comfort and riding efficiency by making necessary adjustments to the bike’s components to fit our body type and riding goal.bike fit

Here are the main benefits of bike fit:

  • Enhance out comfort and reduce changes of injuries: The purpose of bike fit is to make sure our joints and muscles are held in the best position, which eventually helps to minimize injuries, especially back pain and wrist pain.
  • Improve overall performance: with our body set in the optimal position, it is no doubt that we can ride faster and longer; plus our endurance can be improved also.
  • Help us improve our technique: with a properly fitted bike that help us keep balance and engage our muscles fully and safely, we can learn new technique easier.
  • Help us save money and choose better equipment: when our performance is not as good as we expect, we try to improve it by purchasing expensive equipment – this upgrade is not necessarily useful. Bike specialist will help you find well-suited bike with the right components you need, thus helping you save a lot of money on accessories you do not really need.
  • Build our confidence and help us enjoy biking better: It is obvious: with reduced chances of injuries and improved performance, we will be more into cycling and hope to push ourselves better to achieve better technique and results. Cycling is no fun with back pain for sure.

  1. Who should use professional fit service?

Well, answer is anyone. Even if we do not intend to attend Tour de France, we still need fitting bike that is safe and efficient to ride as well as not making our body ache all over.

Beginners are the one who should seriously need a bike fit. Those who are already cycling but find it comfortable and accident-prone with their own bike should get a bike fit to see what really went wrong with their previous set-up. Professional cyclists are of course need to maximize their performance and avoid even the slightest error so they are willing to pay for bike fit service.

  1. Where to get a bike fit?where to get bike fit ?

When you go to a store to get your bike, you will mostly get a basic bike fit from the sales assistance. There is usually a bike specialist available by appointment at each store. Or, you can just search for a well-known company/bike specialists that provide bike fit service for years.

  1. What to wear when getting a bike fit?

It is advised that you wear your cycling shorts and shoes to the place where you get a bike fit: you should be ready to cycle for a while until the assessment for your bike fit is completed (the process can take several hours). If the shoes you put on are not right, you may also get good recommendations on the suitable types to use.

  1. What will be adjusted in a bike fit?

How many adjustments to be made during a fit depend on the issues you have. The fewer issues you have, the fewer adjustments will be made. Here are a number of general adjustments:

  • Saddle: height, tilt, position;
  • Stem length and height;
  • Handlebar width;
  • Brake lever;
  • Crank length
  • Adjustments with shoes, insoles and cleats;

It is recommended to get a bike fit as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary pain and injuries. Come back for an update after several years, when you get a new bike or when your body changes because of injuries or weight loss.

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