Cruises tour in Vietnam – How to travel

Vietnam is such a beautiful country to explore. There are many tourist spots that travelers would not like to miss when they are in the country. No matter how much time they have, they would make sure that they can roam around the most beautiful and the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. There are so many amazing countries in the southeastern part of Asia, but Vietnam is always chosen as one of the most visited spots. Why do they choose Vietnam? It is because in this country, tourist spots are not just simply a place to visit, but a place where you can learn and enjoy at the same time.

Mekong River Cruise

On and off the shore, you can choose which part of Vietnam to visit. It is also best to travel and move around Vietnam on board and enjoy the river cruise. It is not always that expensive to roam around Vietnam while you are on the boat or ship. Many travelers consider much of their expenses when it comes to traveling that is why most of them choose to travel by car or bus on the road. But, it will always be a great and a memorable experience to cruise along the rivers in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a cruise tour in Vietnam, you can find various travel agencies and tourist guides to accompany you on your trip. Through them, you can have a more convenient stay on the river. You can hear a lot of stories and they can be of big help to you, especially if you have a different culture. Travel companies can give you the best satisfaction and what you are expecting on your cruise tour. They are specialized in doing such job, so you will not surely fail your one of a kind trip on the river.

The Mekong River

The Mekong River is one of the most visited rivers for the boat and cruise lovers. You can find the Mekong River flows 2,700 miles to the southern part of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta has nine branches and the people of Vietnam call this as the Nine Dragons River or the Song Cuu Long. Cruising the Mekong River will lead you to different cities in Vietnam. It is also connected to other neighboring countries. What’s more amazing when cruising the Mekong River is the accessibility to the floating markets, ports and fish farms. With your river cruise, you can also have a great chance to know more about the life style of the people who are living along the river banks.

See Mekong Delta tours here

The Perfume River

perfume river vietnamOne of the best spots to cruise is the Perfume River or the Song Huong River. Many visitors come to Hue to cruise along this river because during the Fall season, the flowers from the orchards drop into the river. This produces the scent that made the people call this river as the Perfume River. Aside from that, this water is clean and unpolluted. From the river, you can have a nice view of the rice fields and the Ngu Binh Mountain. It is also good to watch the sun set and the city. From here you can find some dragon boat ride through the city of Hue.

For some tourists, it might not be that easy to live along the river because most of the time, you have to move around the boat going to different places, instead of using the road. But, for the people living along the river banks and bays in Vietnam, this is such a blessing because this is the kind of life they are used to and this is where they earn for a living. From these places they were born and raised. They have learned to embrace and appreciate the beauty of Vietnam and how good life is.

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