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I still remember reading about lives of Dwight Schuh and Cameron Hanes, as well as many articles on magazines about things must be done with hunting backpack. On reading these stories, I usually think of trekking into the wilderness area with only a bow, a backpack,and a strong hope.

hunting backpack

No people, no vehicles, simple but rugged ways of hunting were something I determined to experience in my future. At last, after many days of dreaming, I made my decision to try a backpack hunting out. I feel so happy that I did it and I want to share with all of you my experiences in backpacks hunting.

My Adventure

Personally, I found the promise of this adventure is such a great thing. You will trek miles deep to a new area without roads, cell service, as well as the opportunity of experiencing other folks will be quite slim.

Besides, you are attempting to bring some “wilderness” home in form of free-range meat, organic, and lean. You are now relied on Mother Nature, what she present to you may be a disconsolate hunt or a thrilling hunt. Who cannot like such a wonderful adventure like that?

Staying at the animals’ location

An amazing advantage of making backpack hunting is the capacity to stay at the animal’s location. This helps lighten your load with regard to hiking. For example, I backpacked in last January into aCoues deer hunting area for archers. I woke up in the morning, jogged about 100 yards to the glassing spot and ate breakfast.

All you need will be on your backpack which is a friend accompanying with you during the whole hunting so it is very important to choose top rated hunting backpacks.

It is the truth, no more than 100 yards near my tent, I could not wait for tracking the Coues bucks! Were I not to go on a hunting backpack, I must trek into this area every morning. Not only did I have to hike a long distance in order to go the suitable place where I might glass, however, I must also get up earlier in every morning just to go to the place that I needed to present there on time.

Therefore, when I already got back there, it always enabled me to spend such way, which is less energetic each morning as well as left me much more fuel for my coming task. I would say that it was such a quite sweet and pleasant setup.

Now, let us begin to saythat during the backpack hunting, you literally bumped your prey out of your present country. Do not worry about this, because it is about to happen usually from time to time. You must assume that none of us are perfect hunters after all.

The main way for amateurs like us to chase it is to try our best to chase it. This would involve adding some pressure to the game we get after. Animals are likely to be bumped every now and then, whether it is caused by other hunters or by yourself.

If this case happens, it will be pretty possible for you to throw your camp back on your own back and then, keep track of this herd of deer into the following drainage, basin, etc.

Struggling with less-educated wild animals

The idea of getting off the main roads and get back to the backcountry provides another positive look – hunting more less educated wild animals. Did you use to think about that? I assumed that I did not think about it until I experience it fully.

A deer, which does not have any chances of seeing human before, must act very different compared to the one sees human many times. A common buck that used to hang in close nearness to the main road will usually bolt when seeing even the slightest look of human beings.

Because this buck could aware of human, thus, madea new connection with them.Nevertheless, a buck that has never seen human before,would be puzzled when having a look at them at first time, especially if the person is putting on a good camo.

On the backpack hunting at the Coues deer hunt area, I had attended above, I had the chance to experience this. I had a deer in my target from about 30 yards to eight feet. The deer just walked normally; maybe they realize my presentation but not count on me as a threat.

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