Finding the best bushcraft knife for the money

Tips in choosing the best bushcraft knife

People have various reasons why they use a bushcraft knife. Most of them would like to use a bushcraft knife for their outdoor activities as hunters, so they need to have this stuff to use for their adventure. So, why do they have to use a bushcraft knife? Why don’t they just carry guns? Having a gun is not that easy because it is more expensive and there are countries where you need to have a license to carry such guns for hunting use. So, instead of carrying a gun, then it will be easier if you will just bring a bushcraft knife with you. It is even more convenient to carry because it is not so heavy and it is easy to keep in the pockets of your hunting backpacks.

best bushcraft knife for the money

Before you get your own and the best bushcraft knife for the money, you must consider some tips. This will help you in finding the best bushcraft knife for the money. So pay attention and take down some notes that will serve as your basis while in the process of searching for the best bushcraft knife for the money.

The first thing that you will consider is the size of the blade. When you are going out to the field for an adventure, you will have to carry various gadgets and accessories. You have to keep them all in your hunting backpack. If you are going to use this bushcraft knife for emergency, it will take you long time to get it in your bag, so if possible, it must be kept in your pockets, so that it will be easier for you to reach it. It will not also be a good idea to carry a long or bulky knife and keep it inside the bag with your other gadgets. Your hunting backpack will look like unorganized in that case. So, it will be best to have a knife that measures 3.5 to 6 inches long.

Next, you must consider the sharpness of this knife. Check the cutting edge of the knife. Make sure that this cutting edge originates from the primary bevel, so that it can finely cut meat and it will be easier to sharpen. Remember that you have to maintain the sharpness of this knife.

Another thing, you must also consider the design of the blade, which must have a long and flat cutting edge that must have a drop point and a flat grind for an unlimited versatility. With such design, your bushcraft knife can perform various tasks, such as chopping, making fire and building a shelter.

You must also consider the blade grind or primary bevel of the bushcraft knife. The design that is just above the cutting edge will also determine the task that you can do with your knife. These tasks can be cutting, skinning, grinding, chopping and drilling.

How about the material used in the handle of your bushkraft knife? The material used must be well determined. Wood is commonly used for the handle, but it is not a good material because it fails in absorbing moisture. So, you may look for a bushcraft knife with a handle, where the material used synthetic, such as rubber or plastic.

The best bushcraft knife for the money Review

So far, the bestbushcraft knife for the money that was reviewed is the Falkiven F1. This bushcraft knife has the best bargain for your money and it is really highly competitive compared to other brands and models. This knife has a laminated VG-10 steel blade and comes with a robust black Thermomum. This knife is also considered as the official survival tool of the pilots from the Swedish Air Force. With this kind of bushcraft knife there is no need to look for more because everything that you need is already in this knife.

Now that you already know about the best bushcraft knife for the money, will you still look for a different one? Anyway, if you feel like you still want some more options, then you may check out reviews from various reading materials or you may go to the market and find out, but pretty sure that you will come back to what was given to you.

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