Fish Finder Reviews

A fish finder is a device attached to the transom of the boat which is used to track if there’s fish underwater, the transducer sends and receives echoes from the bottom of the ocean, and it shows on the display of the fish finder in the form of graphics.


On the screen of the fish finder, fishes are usually represented as small dots, while a family of fish is shown as larger symbols.
The main thing to focus when looking for a fish finder is frequency and cone angles, but there are also many other features available that might interest you, so pay attention to the next lines.
In this post, we will give some reviews on good brands of best fish finders that are selling on the market.
Choosing the right equipment mean catching more fish and feeling more satisfied, by reading this article we can guarantee that you will make the right decision.

POWER: this is critical for a fish finder, the deeper you want to scan on the water, more power you’re going to use. If you only fish in shallow water, you don’t need too much power, but if you want to fish in deep water, choose one that has a lot of watts.
The accuracy of the scanning is also determined by how much power it has, so if you want an accurate device, go for the powerful one.

FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS: The fish finder can come with a network connection, GPS, down scan and side scan, but the more features it has, you might end up paying more, so you need to decide what features are truly necessary.
Pay a lot of attention to frequency and cone angles; they are critical to deciding how much coverage you need in water and how much penetration you want to have.

So, you’re on a budget and intends to spend a little money and still have a quality fish finder?
You can try brands such as Hummingbird or Lowrance, they have several models, and these brands are among the best in the market right now.
The cheapest from Lowrance is Lowrance X-4 Fish Finder, the scan is 600 feet deep, and 60 degree of coverage and comes with a readable display. The top version of the Lowrance X-4 Fish Finder is the 4X DSI that comes with a 3.5-inch screen, 2800 watts, a transducer that reaches 200 feet and a feature that allows you to tell the difference between the fishes.
The Hummingbird PiranhaMax has a lot of features, such as alarms, zoom, 1600 watts on the transducer and a 3.5 inches LCD colored display, and, besides all that, you can check water temperature and composition of the bottom through it.

Lowrance is a company well known in the market, for their high-quality products and for providing budget-friendly devices.
This brand deserves a lot of compliments because not only the device can be controlled by smartphones or tablets through a wireless connection, but it also has a very easy-to-use interface with fast access. Maps are available to purchase, and the device can be connected to other fishing products such as Pinpoint GPS and Smartsteer. Besides all that, it provides an 180-degree view of the ocean and can reach 3000 feet.
The most popular models from Lowrance are:
More affordable:
• Mark 5x Pro;
• Alite 7;
• Elite 3x
High-end products:
• HDS 12;
• HDS 9.

This brand of fish finders started with a small business in Alabama, in 1971. They are introducing a lot of new things to the market, including the first depth sounder with waterproof features, which has wifi, 3D display, and crystal display.
Now they have a series named ONIX, which has features such as Auto Chart Live, with real-time map (which can also be displayed HD) and 360 side view map.
I hope this article helped you with the reviews of these two great brands, and that with this information you can make the right decision.
Don’t forget always to think about the features that are truly necessary for you, so you can be sure not be spending more money than you planned initially.

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