Let’s have a look at couples of the features, which make a perfect golf rangefinder. It is very essential not to be distracted by the particular qualities in many versions, even though they could be helpful.

Instead of that, you should consider the technical details of the golf rangefinder that you are looking for. All the whistle and bell in the world will not help a golf game if the golf rangefinder is not precise.

In these golf rangefinder reviews 2017, we will give golf players some important factors to bear in mind while you are looking for a golf rangefinder:

The range

The range is the largest distance, which a golf rangefinder could measure. Many golf rangefinders also offer the smallest range to represent the minimum distance the equipment could estimate.

Range is an essential feature to consider before you make a buying decision. It would be frustrated to hit the golf course just to realize that your golf rangefinder will not be able to measure the distances that you require.

The precision

Finding out the precision of a golf rangefinder needs to be done in 2 parts. Firstly, you have to check listing of the product for the registered number the manufacturer gives. This shows the margin of errors for the readings of distance.

The performance of a golf rangefinder could be different, depending on the feature of the model. Thus, the second essential part of measuring precision should be looking at a review to understand what other users have said about the precision of a golf rangefinder.

The Display or Optics

Another essential factor for a golf rangefinder is the visible quality. Great lens are the mixture of high-end glass, magnification, and a clear display screen. Many versions also use latest technology to improve the visibility in a range of lighting environments, so you will not be confined to using a golf rangefinder at several times of the day.

The only method to truly measure the visible quality of a golf rangefinder is to read some reviews of a specific device. There are a lot of versions, which insist to offer clear and bright lens, but this is an opinion. As a result, knowing the way a golf rangefinder works would offer you a better insight on how to buy the best model.

Which is the Best Golf Rangefinder for Players?

The top golf rangefinder on our list is the Tour Z6 of Bushnell. Amongst the versions we consider, this is probably the best model when it comes to the value.

If you are willing to pay a little more, nevertheless, you should go for the Pro X7 of Bushnell. Often considered as “the most influential golf rangefinder” available in the market, the Pro X7 has built its image as a perfect choice for golf players. For those who want high-quality device, the Pro X7 is definitely a must-have.

Alternatively, you could be going for some more affordable versions. For a beginner or player with a tight budget for devices, the Tec Tec Tec VPRO500 is a suitable option that many players prefer. With all of the high quality, precision and range included in this device, the VPRO500 of Tec Tec Tec is a worthy investment.


A golf rangefinder is often directed to performance on the link, but playing golf is not the only sport for which a rangefinder is helpful. As a result, you should always consider all above important factors before you make any buying decision, thereby choosing an affordable but effective and flexible golf rangefinder.

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