Buying High-Quality Longboards on the Market

Choosing a Longboard

There are a few things to consider when choosing a longboard. One is the length that usually measures from 33 to 50 inches. Make sure that the size of the longboard must fit with your height. This matters because it has something to do with your maneuverability, tricks and turns.

Next, you must also take note of the shape of the deck, such as pintail, drop-through, flat-nose or swallowtail. Of course, you will not simply choose any shape because that will depend on how you would like to use your longboard. Will it be for commuting, down hilling or cruising?

When it comes to the decks, choose the right level of flexibility and consider the speed it takes when you push, slide, turn or carve. Always think about every move that you would like to do with your longboard. Continue reading Buying High-Quality Longboards on the Market