Buying High-Quality Longboards on the Market

Choosing a Longboard

There are a few things to consider when choosing a longboard. One is the length that usually measures from 33 to 50 inches. Make sure that the size of the longboard must fit with your height. This matters because it has something to do with your maneuverability, tricks and turns.

Next, you must also take note of the shape of the deck, such as pintail, drop-through, flat-nose or swallowtail. Of course, you will not simply choose any shape because that will depend on how you would like to use your longboard. Will it be for commuting, down hilling or cruising?

When it comes to the decks, choose the right level of flexibility and consider the speed it takes when you push, slide, turn or carve. Always think about every move that you would like to do with your longboard.

Longboard maintenance

The simplest and easiest way to keep and maintain the safety and stability of your longboard is done by frequent and regularly checking and tightening the wheel bearings. There are wheels that are already lubricated, but it would be best to apply the lubricant by yourself when needed. Do not choose lubricants that stains or make damages to your deck.

You must also keep your longboard’s wheel bearings clean. You must not use a damaged longboard. Instead, replace or fix the element for proper use and safety.

Longboards to consider

There are various longboards available on the market today. Sometimes, finding a commendable longboard is even confusing. So, we have here a list of longboards available on the market and a brief review of the Top 10 longboards for you to check out. May you find the Top 10 Longboards helpful in choosing the right longboard.

First on top is the Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Longboard. This extremely modern designed longboard manages tight cornering smoothly on a downhill and easy sliding. It is equipped with a high quality Orangatang Stimulus 70-mm wheel with a powerful deck grip tape.

On the second place is the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Longboard. It makes use of multi-ply hardwood maple material and a deck made of bamboo. It offers a board for mounting with an accurate turning response. This board also works well for beginners.

Sector 9 Fractal Longboard gets to top 3. It has wheels and trucks that are specially designed to offer a rider an unmatched control in carvings and turnings. It is made up of wide wheels, flexible deck and an 8-ply maple drop down board to give you an easy pushing and pumping.

On top 4 is the Atom Pintail 40012 Longboard. This stylish and classic shaped longboard offers smooth, easy riding, slide-friendly wheels and it gets lower when you are in a tight turn. It comes with a genuine Navigator at 50-degree RKT, 80 grit grip tape made of Aluminum Oxide, high-speed lubricant bearings and supports up to more than 250 pounds.

The top 5 goes to the Rimable Drop-Through Longboard. This is a good longboard for beginners. It offers a tighter turning radius, easy pushing, smooth riding with a 70-mm power up wheels and an ultra-low resistance when rolling.

On top 6 is the Sector 9 Faultline Longboard. This is best for down hilling. It offers some flex, slightly concave board and wide wheelbase. It comes with a deck made of a 9-ply pressed maple material.

On top 7 is the Atom Drop Deck versatile Longboard. It is made of a laminated full maple board material styled with graphic design with foot pockets. It is fine with cruising and down hilling.

On top 8 is the Eightbit 41-Inch Longboard. It is designed with a drop down deck, low center of gravity and flex. It offers stability, easy push off, steady ride and a better turning control. It is good for commuting.

On top 9 is the White Wave Longboard. It is made of bamboo symmetrically shaped board with drop through trucks and small kicks. It is designed with Abec7 bearings and ultra-high bushings.

The last one to reach top 10 is the Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Longboard. It comes with black grip tape coating and a graphically designed bottom.

Prince is currently in a beginner to intermediate level in longboarding. He had been struggling to find the best longboards for everybody. He did a thorough research and studies and now, he wanted to share everything he knows about longboards.”

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