Reviews and Benefits of having an Above Ground Pools

Before I go into the full review of some of the well known purchased above ground pools, let me discuss first some of the benefits of having above ground pools.

  1. Cheaper
    • Compared to an in-ground pool, above ground pools cost only a fraction of the cost of having the former.
    • In-ground pools costs about a little as $25,000 while the above ground pools costs about a few hundreds to about $2000 depending on the size and brand.
    • Some above pools are too cheap that you can easily replace them with new ones and still not cost as much as the in-ground pools.
  2. Fast to Assemble and Disassemble
    • As soon as your box arrives, setting up will take only a few minutes to an hour
    • But if But if you are going to get the largest setting it up will take about 2 days
    • You can also disassemble it really fast for keeping if you don’t want to use it anymore or you want to relocate it in another
  3. Portability
    • You can disassemble it and place it in another area if you are not contented with the area you first place it
    • Since it is so portable you can carry it with you wherever you want to go like going to a friends house, a relative or any place you want to have a pool.
  4. Storage
    • Storing this product is easy because it is compact. You can place it in the storage room or any place where you can keep it safely
    • During winter you can easily disassemble it and keep it until the next warm weather comes
  5. Keeps the fun alive
    • Having a pool in your backyard is fun and relaxing
    • Keeps the kids busy and active
    • Great for bonding with family and friends
  6. Other Beneficial Usages
    • Great alternative for hydrotherapy. This is especially useful for people with joint pains or mobility problem
    • Water exercises can be addressed here for people who wants to exercise without bearing much weight on their joints
    • Can do strength exercises and flexibility exercises without much pain due to gravity

Listed below are two products that are among the  most well reviewed Above ground pools that are super popular in the market.

  1. Intex Easy Set Pool Set

One of the coolest reason why this type of above ground pool is very easy to assemble and will only take about 15 and you are ready to swim. The material used is made of durable PVC material with an inflatable ring that can hold the water inside. It comes with a pool ladder and a filter that can accommodate 1000 gallons of water. And this pool is available in various sizes that suitable for small kids to adults. It is very easy to clean and to store which I personally love. The only downside is the pump might not last long, which means that  you might have to have it replaced earlier or it needs longer warranty.

  1. Intex Metal Frame Pool set

This is one of the most famous above ground pools sold today. It is popular because it is much sturdier than the first one because of its metal frame bu it affordable too. This is also very easy to assemble which only needs 30 minutes then you are ready to add in the water. It also comes with a pool ladder and a filter pump.

Some advantages:

  • Simple set up
  • If properly covered may survive during winter
  • Durable pvc material that can withstand pet claw marks
  • Filter pumps are good quality
  • For ages 3 years old to adult
  • Has built in ground fault interruptor that will keep you or anyone safe from electricity shocks.


  • The frame supports needs to be more sturdier cause it is prone to bending or breaks if the weight applied are too heavy.
  • Needs to have a more powerful filter pumps
  • When setting up, you need to be sure that the ground is very levelled so that the frame wll not give.

There are many other above ground swimming pools in the market and may suit your needs better so I suggest that you do more research before buying.

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