What do foreigner tourists often do when traveling to Hanoi?

Have you ever wondered what foreign tourists will do when traveling to Vietnam? Below are the famous places or activities almost the tourists often do when they come to our country to visit and experience.

Visit museums

In Hanoi, there are up to 16 museums where display objects showing different history periods that tourists get to learn about Vietnam’s rich culture and history. These museums often open in the weekdays so, tourists can easily come there and not too far from the Old Quarter where you stay. Once you visit there, it should tell great stories

  • Visit Ho Chi Minh Complex

When visiting Hanoi, the foreign tourists often go to Ho Chi Minh Complex including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum, One Pillar Pagoda to better understand the place where Uncle Ho lived and worked. This complex has become an important tourist attraction associated with Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

  • Visit Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature is the first national university of Vietnam where It originally educated Mandarins or doctors in Vietnam

Considered as one of the most diverse complexes in Hanoi, Temple of Literature is the pride of Hanoi’s people. So, this temple is also regarded as the symbol of Hanoi tourism. For foreign tourists, they often visit this place to know more about the cultural beauty of locals such as asking for letters on the occasion of the New Year. Continue reading What do foreigner tourists often do when traveling to Hanoi?