What do foreigner tourists often do when traveling to Hanoi?

Have you ever wondered what foreign tourists will do when traveling to Vietnam? Below are the famous places or activities almost the tourists often do when they come to our country to visit and experience.

Visit museums

In Hanoi, there are up to 16 museums where display objects showing different history periods that tourists get to learn about Vietnam’s rich culture and history. These museums often open in the weekdays so, tourists can easily come there and not too far from the Old Quarter where you stay. Once you visit there, it should tell great stories

  • Visit Ho Chi Minh Complex

When visiting Hanoi, the foreign tourists often go to Ho Chi Minh Complex including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh Museum, One Pillar Pagoda to better understand the place where Uncle Ho lived and worked. This complex has become an important tourist attraction associated with Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

  • Visit Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature is the first national university of Vietnam where It originally educated Mandarins or doctors in Vietnam

Considered as one of the most diverse complexes in Hanoi, Temple of Literature is the pride of Hanoi’s people. So, this temple is also regarded as the symbol of Hanoi tourism. For foreign tourists, they often visit this place to know more about the cultural beauty of locals such as asking for letters on the occasion of the New Year.

  • Visit Hoa Lo Prison

Americans gave a nickname “Hanoi Hilton”

Built in 1896 by French colonial government to detain many Vietnamese political prisoners, Hoa Lo prison was one of the most stable ones that French thought It was not unbreakable. Inside, you can see how horrible French colonialists use methods of torture. After that, from 1954, this prison was taken over by Vietnam army who used it to detain American prisoners and one of the famous prisoners was John Mccain. Today Americans often call this jail by a nickname “Hanoi Hilton”. Hoa Lo Prison has now become a favorite destination for many foreigners visiting Hanoi to find out our harsh Vietnam war in the past.

Walk around the Old Quarter

Quan Chuong means (Chief Guard) gate because he died while fighting with French colonialists to protect Hanoi. Locals call this name to honor him

Hanoi Old Quarter is a popular tourist destination for all visitors to Hanoi. By walking around the Old Quarter, you can better understand Hanoi’s history, culture and locals’ lives in history and in daily life. Besides, you can also experience traditional dishes and street foods of Hanoi when wandering around the Old Quarter. Especially, if you visit the capital city on the weekends (from Friday night to Sunday), you will have chance to enjoy the unique space for the walkers only. On the walking streets, there are so many interesting activities for you to join and feel other aspect of Hanoi.

Experience Hanoi culinary adventure

Hanoi home cooking experience is an interesting activity

Another interesting activity that many foreign tourists would love to enjoy is discovering Vietnamese cuisine through Hanoi cooking class. (Thanks to Hanoi Ultimate Adventures I booked this tour) In this class, they will know the way to cook Vietnamese traditional dishes as well as better understand the typical features of the foods as you get to visit a local market and pick some fresh ingredient for your cooking class. This is one of the exciting experiences you cannot miss while you’re staying in Hanoi.

Watch water Puppet show

This distinctive traditional culture is interesting and new to all foreigners coming to Hanoi. Thang Long Puppet Theater is a familiar place to watch the beautiful and memorable water puppet shows.

Take a Cyclo ride

Sitting in front of Cyclo brings an unforgettable experience while riding among the winding and busy traffic in Hanoi

Once a popular means of transport in the past century, cycle rickshaw is now only a traditional culture and mainly serves tourists. Whenever you stay Hanoi Old Quarter, you’re always recommended to discover the old town by cyclo without taking a walk. You just sit leisurely in front with a rickshaw peddler and see the chaos of the busy traffic here and don’t forget to capture impressive photos about Hanoi.

Visit the traditional villages

Bat Trang is one of the famous Hanoi suburbs for tourists

Traditional craft villages are the next interesting stop for many foreign tourists. When they visit these villages, they will have great chance to see the artisans making traditional objects in Vietnam, like casting bronze, making bamboo dragonflies or Tohe (Vietnamese children’s traditional toys), learning how to make pottery, and so on.

Purchase conical hats and lacquer paintings

This is a souvenir that many tourists choose to buy as gifts for relatives and friends. The elaborate paintings and conical hats showing traditional culture are really the smart choice of visitors.

The above mentioned places and activities are much preferred by a lot of tourists when they making plan to Vietnam. So, you can take these suggestions as reference for your own trip.

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