Everything You Need To Know About Bike Fit

Have you ever suffered from back pain, shoulder discomfort and various types of pain after riding your bike? Many people will think this is due to their faults: there must be something wrong in their riding techniques. However, these pains are very likely caused by improper bike fit. That can happen with even the best road bikes under 1000 (you can visit my site for a detailed buying guide). Spending hundreds of dollar for a proper bike fitting session is not a simple matter so the following guide will help you understand why this process is important and other necessary information you need.

  1. What is bike fit?

Everyone is different. Your legs can be longer than your brother’s, for example. We also have different goals to achieve: some just for fun and leisure, some for serious competitions. Bike fit helps maximize our comfort and riding efficiency by making necessary adjustments to the bike’s components to fit our body type and riding goal.bike fit

Here are the main benefits of bike fit:

  • Enhance out comfort and reduce changes of injuries: The purpose of bike fit is to make sure our joints and muscles are held in the best position, which eventually helps to minimize injuries, especially back pain and wrist pain.
  • Improve overall performance: with our body set in the optimal position, it is no doubt that we can ride faster and longer; plus our endurance can be improved also.
  • Help us improve our technique: with a properly fitted bike that help us keep balance and engage our muscles fully and safely, we can learn new technique easier.
  • Help us save money and choose better equipment: when our performance is not as good as we expect, we try to improve it by purchasing expensive equipment – this upgrade is not necessarily useful. Bike specialist will help you find well-suited bike with the right components you need, thus helping you save a lot of money on accessories you do not really need.
  • Build our confidence and help us enjoy biking better: It is obvious: with reduced chances of injuries and improved performance, we will be more into cycling and hope to push ourselves better to achieve better technique and results. Cycling is no fun with back pain for sure.

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Choose good female helmet when traveling

Is it really necessary for a lady to choose a motorcycle helmet for her own use or is it better for her to ask someone’s advice or to actually ask someone to buy a motorcycle helmet that she will use? As a lady, there is nothing wrong if you are going to the shop and get your own because staff from the motorcycle helmet shop may help you and assist you with your need. It is also not a bad idea to ask someone to buy for you, especially if he knows the best motorcycle helmet for you to use.

motorcycle helmet

If you are going to choose your own motorcycle helmet and as a lady, you have actually no idea on what type of helmet to buy, then the first thing that you must do is to search online for what exactly is the best to use for a lady. Every helmet aims to give protection and safety of its users, so it doesn’t really matter if this helmet is chosen by a guy or a lady, but you must also learn to choose your own because you will be the one to use it. Some ladies are actually feeling shy over a helmet not of their own choice, so it is better for you to see it yourself.

As a lady, there are some things that you must keep in mind when you are choosing a helmet. First, you have to think about the comfortability of the motorcycle helmet. The moment you started putting it on, ask and observe yourself, if the helmet fits you well and if you feel comfortable wearing it. Make sure that it is not too tight or too loose.

When it comes to the type of motorcycle helmet that you will be choosing, you have some options, such as, an open face motorcycle helmet or a half helmet, a full face motorcycle helmet or a flip top motorcycle helmet. You must know what type of helmet is best for you and you can do that by fitting them and giving them a try. Ask yourself which among those types of motorcycle helmet best fits you. You can only say that it is good if the fit is right and if you feel most comfortable with it, so do not feel shy to wear them on because you are still choosing the right one for you.

The next thing that you must know are the features of the motorcycle helmet. Make sure that the motorcycle helmet has a wind and noise reduction feature with a good air ventilation. You must also check if it is approved and certified by the DOT or SNELL, so that you will have an assurance when it comes to the quality and standard of the motorcycle helmet. Continue reading Choose good female helmet when traveling

List of necessary climbing gear

As a person, it is such a good hobby to get involved with different kinds of sport. It doesn’t matter if your sport is some kind of extreme or traditional. What is important is for a person to enjoy what he is doing. If you are happy with the kind of sports that you have chosen, then you will surely love to do it every free time in your life. And for many people, the sports that they love, their passion, is their life. It is also the source of income for many people, especially those who are big stars and became famous because of their sports.


For those people who loves to go climbing in the mountains or whatever rock it is. This is not as simple as you think. Before you move out and explore those mountains to reach the top, you have to make sure that you are prepared and ready for this sport. You have to learn the basics of climbing by simply starting and practicing on the gyms or centers providing help or mastery of the said climbing activity.

When it comes to climbing, it is a necessity for you to have a complete set of your climbing gear for your safety and for the success of your climbing career.

You must have quickdraws that is in 10 -12 cm long for straight forward routes and 15-18 cm long for reducing rope drags and meandering routes. It is very important for you to know the location where you are going to climb, so that you will know the number of draws that you will be using, but it is always best to have extra draws.

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