Travel Gifts for All Occasions

travel gifts ideasPeople on the run require a selection of lightweight, portable what to take with them on vacations and trips. The creative shopper will get dozens of travel presents that suit the average person needs of these who frequently live their lives out of suitcases because of hectic schedules and the needs of traveling for business or enjoyment. In an effort to generate ideas and suggest things that travelers may appreciate, here are some recommendations of thoughtful and practical travel gifts your road-weary friends, family members, and acquaintances might appreciate.

Most people use airlines as the fastest still, most convenient mode to getting from one spot to another, but airplanes aren’t the most comfortable locations to be for long periods always. Expending hours in cramped circumstances at high altitudes can generate a good share of exhaustion, boredom, and discomfort. Continue reading Travel Gifts for All Occasions

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

Bach Long Vi is an island and also a district of the city of Hai Phong, Vietnam. This is the most remote island in the Gulf of Tonkin, located in the middle of the bay, about 110 km from Hon Dau (Haiphong). The island is located on one of the eight large fishing grounds of the gulf, so it plays an important role in the sea economic development strategy and sea security – defense of the Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin and in the delimitation of the Tonkin Gulf.

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

There are legends related to the birth of this offshore island. A very long time ago, there was a herd of dragons from heaven flying down to the sea area of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh. Some baby dragons stayed in Hai Phong forming Cat Ba Island. The rest laid in Quang Ninh Sea and formed the Ha Long Bay. Bach Long Vi is the tail of the mother dragon, like a jewel in the East Sea. The legend has raised the Bach Long Vi’s preciousness and people’s responsibility to protect this preciousness.

Best time to travel to Bach Long Vi

Bach Long Vi climate represents the climate of northern gulf coast with two main seasons: the rainy season from May to August, the weather is hot, humid and rainy; and dry season, from October to March next year, the weather is cold, dry and little rain. April and September are the months of transition between the two seasons. The average temperature in 23.30­C, so you can travel to Bach Long Vi in any season; however, you should come in the period of around April – September, because, during this period, the temperature is not too high, you can feel the cool air of the remote island.


Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

To move to Bach Long Vi, visitors can go with the fishing boats of fishermen, but it’s very time-consuming, and moving in the protruding sea in a long time can make visitors quite tired. Therefore, you should go catch Bach Long (White Dragon) speedboat from Binh wharf, Hai Phong (you will be on the island after about 7 hours). White Dragon ship is highly recommended for very convenient and comfortable services which may held to reduce your tiredness caused  by the waves.


Since Bach Long Vi island is located offshore and is not exploited to much for tourism, the system of hotels and resorts is not very available. You can ask to stay at the locals’ house or volunteer area because people here are especially friendly and sociable,  you just need to greet happily and say the reason, people here will be willing to welcome you.

Experiences and Joys

In immense waves, seeing the sunrise from the lighthouse is a wonderful experience. You would feel the harmony of the sky and the sea, the sea is as hugging the vast sky, while the sun also seems to be gently laid on the sea. Your soul will really serene and all sorrows, worries of daily life will be like the dust. Standing on the lighthouse, you can see the whole Bach Long Vi Island. Let’s take a picture of panoramic beauty of Bach Long Vi!

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

You can walk around the beach to feel a bit wild, but there’s something new about Bach Long Vi. The fine white sand, long sandy beaches and white waves slapping are like pleased to welcome friends from the distant mainland to Bach Long Vi.

When the sun sets, you can organize a small party on the beach. Besides the flickering camp fire with a Bach Long Vi seafood banquet, the gentle melody of the guitar, watching the sea with shimmering night sky full of stars … will certainly be an experience that you can not forget!

Bach Long Vi Island Travel Guide

Following the fishing boats to go fishing, squid fishing or snorkeling to see coral in Bach Long Vi are also activities which bring you many new experiences. On the eastern side of the island of Bach Long Vi, there is a wind farm, abalone breeding center, you can come here to visit, try one day becoming a fisherman to be able to experience the daily life of the people here.

Seafood specialties

Coming to Bach Long Vi without enjoying seafood dishes is  really a major shortcoming! Bach Long Vi is famous for many seafood specialties, especially Bach Long Vy abalone which consists of two categories: stone abalone and hole abalone.

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Vung Tau beach tour guide 2016

On a summertime, one of the most visited places are the beaches. You will find every beach resort full of local and foreign visitors. If you are going to call and book for your stay, you will always get a fully booked answer. It is always fun to stay on the water during the hot season. This is one way to relax and escape from the hot weather. At least, you can’t feel much heat in the water. The big thing there is that you are also having fun and you will have more of the fun if you are spending time with your family, loved ones or friends. Just spending some quality time with quality places in Asia.

Vung tau beach tour

Why is Asia covered here?

It is in Asia, where you can find the most beautiful beaches and the cheapest places good enough for a holiday. Every year, you will find hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting different Asian countries. Many among those tourists loves to stay on the beach. One of the most visited Asian countries every holiday is Vietnam. Why do you think is Vietnam chosen? It only shows that Vietnam has so many beautiful places to visit. When it comes to beaches, you must not fail to come to Vung Tau beach. Continue reading Vung Tau beach tour guide 2016

The best of tour packages in Vietnam 12 days

Vietnam is perhaps one of the most visited countries in the world. With its natural and raw beauty, green rice fields, old museums, historic attractions, great hotels and resorts, innocent and friendly people, and other attractions, tourists are glued to it. So with an opportunity to experience Vietnam, better make the most out of it. Here is a guide to a 12-days tour package to Vietnam.

1.Travel Vietnam offers a 12-day, 11-night travel from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) to Hanoi.

This package includes visits to Saigon, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta (Cai Be), Nhatrang Hoian, Hanoi, and Halong Bay. It also extendable and you can request to add tours from Saigon to Hanoi. Just visit Travel Vietnam’s site for a look on the rates. The partner hotel of Travel Vietnam is the Park Hyatt Hotel. This is where you will first check-in. With the beauty of the hotel, you may opt to take the time to relax and recover from your long flight, and just explore the city by yourself. At night, the package includes a dinner at the award-winning Mandarin Restaurant.
Day 2 of this package is a day for the Saigon City Tour and the Cu Chi Tunnels. You will go to the War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, neo-Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral, and the City’s Centre Post Office. You will also visit the Opera Theatre, City Hall, and the Ben Thanh Market, where you will find a variety of goods, souvenir items, and handicrafts.

You will then travel to the Cu Chi Tunnels, where you will experience how it was for the soldiers to move around through a network of tunnels. You will also allot a day for travel to the Mekong River Delta. Your guide will take you to Cai Be to board a private sampan, visit the floating market, and pass by a cathedral. There are also local cottage industries where you can observe how rice products such as paste, cookies, and coconut candies are made. Lunch will be served at an Indochine Villa.

Spend Day 4 at the beach city of Nhatrang. You will visit the Po Nagar Cham Tower, Long Son Pagoda, Alexander Yersin Museum, XQ workshop, and the Dam Market upon your arrival at the Cam Ranh Airport, and then check into the Evason Ana Mandara Resort, one of the most visited seaside areas in Vietnam.

This tour also includes a boat trip along the Nhatrang Bay to swim at the nearby islands, exploration at the Nha Trang, and pampering treatment at the Ana Mandara’s Six Senses Spa. Day 6 will be spent at The Nam Hai, a resort in Danang, which will be followed by a walking tour at Hoian, a well-known resort with impressive architecture and cafes, and skilled tailors. You will also visit Chua Ong Pagoda and a handicraft-ceramics village.

At Hanoi, the partner-hotel is the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel. You will enjoy a cyclo tour, a gourmet dinner at Le Beaulieu Restaurant, a city tour to Hanoi’s tourist attractions. Before you cap off your tour, you will experience cruising along the Red River Delta to Halong Bay, visit the Cua Van fishing village, and other nearby places. You will also take a cruise into Bai Tu Long Bay, Pearl Farm, Phao Dai islet, Tam Cung cave, Hon Xep islet, Dau Moi temple, and even through the L’Indochine movie site.

Refer Vietnam Tour Packages in

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A Travel Guide in exploring Andes Mountains

As a traveler, we always look for a comfortable place with ancient cultures and a place with natural beauty. Andes Mountains are one of the most popular places that give excitement and the great adventure to the travelers. Even though these mountains were located in the last part of South Africa, travelers themselves feel at home and a bit comfortable.


The Andes Mountains was said to be the longest mountains in the entire world. It has the measure with 4,500 miles wide alongside with the west coast of South Africa. The Andes Mountains passes through 7 countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Peru making as the best place for people who loves to travel into different locations. To enjoy your vacation in Andes Mountain, you should know what to do so you won’t have any problem with it. This article provides some helpful tips or travel guide in exploring Andes Mountains since I am aiming to help you to enjoy your vacation. Just follow these easy guides so you won’t have any problem with your travelling moments. Continue reading A Travel Guide in exploring Andes Mountains

Choose good female helmet when traveling

Is it really necessary for a lady to choose a motorcycle helmet for her own use or is it better for her to ask someone’s advice or to actually ask someone to buy a motorcycle helmet that she will use? As a lady, there is nothing wrong if you are going to the shop and get your own because staff from the motorcycle helmet shop may help you and assist you with your need. It is also not a bad idea to ask someone to buy for you, especially if he knows the best motorcycle helmet for you to use.

motorcycle helmet

If you are going to choose your own motorcycle helmet and as a lady, you have actually no idea on what type of helmet to buy, then the first thing that you must do is to search online for what exactly is the best to use for a lady. Every helmet aims to give protection and safety of its users, so it doesn’t really matter if this helmet is chosen by a guy or a lady, but you must also learn to choose your own because you will be the one to use it. Some ladies are actually feeling shy over a helmet not of their own choice, so it is better for you to see it yourself.

As a lady, there are some things that you must keep in mind when you are choosing a helmet. First, you have to think about the comfortability of the motorcycle helmet. The moment you started putting it on, ask and observe yourself, if the helmet fits you well and if you feel comfortable wearing it. Make sure that it is not too tight or too loose.

When it comes to the type of motorcycle helmet that you will be choosing, you have some options, such as, an open face motorcycle helmet or a half helmet, a full face motorcycle helmet or a flip top motorcycle helmet. You must know what type of helmet is best for you and you can do that by fitting them and giving them a try. Ask yourself which among those types of motorcycle helmet best fits you. You can only say that it is good if the fit is right and if you feel most comfortable with it, so do not feel shy to wear them on because you are still choosing the right one for you.

The next thing that you must know are the features of the motorcycle helmet. Make sure that the motorcycle helmet has a wind and noise reduction feature with a good air ventilation. You must also check if it is approved and certified by the DOT or SNELL, so that you will have an assurance when it comes to the quality and standard of the motorcycle helmet. Continue reading Choose good female helmet when traveling

List of necessary climbing gear

As a person, it is such a good hobby to get involved with different kinds of sport. It doesn’t matter if your sport is some kind of extreme or traditional. What is important is for a person to enjoy what he is doing. If you are happy with the kind of sports that you have chosen, then you will surely love to do it every free time in your life. And for many people, the sports that they love, their passion, is their life. It is also the source of income for many people, especially those who are big stars and became famous because of their sports.


For those people who loves to go climbing in the mountains or whatever rock it is. This is not as simple as you think. Before you move out and explore those mountains to reach the top, you have to make sure that you are prepared and ready for this sport. You have to learn the basics of climbing by simply starting and practicing on the gyms or centers providing help or mastery of the said climbing activity.

When it comes to climbing, it is a necessity for you to have a complete set of your climbing gear for your safety and for the success of your climbing career.

You must have quickdraws that is in 10 -12 cm long for straight forward routes and 15-18 cm long for reducing rope drags and meandering routes. It is very important for you to know the location where you are going to climb, so that you will know the number of draws that you will be using, but it is always best to have extra draws.

It is also necessary for you to have a down-turned, high performance climbing shoes that will make your feet comfortable and will allow you to use toe hooks. Continue reading List of necessary climbing gear