Best Concert Ukulele under $100 for beginners for 2016

Before I reveal to you the best concert ukulele, let me first explain to you what is a Ukulele and the types of ukuleles with Diamond Infinite Edge Review.

Ukulele is popularly known to widely used in Hawaii, but did you know that it was introduced to Hawaii by some Portuguese immigrants. It is also known as the uke. Nowadays, Ukes are famous all over the world .

Available Sizes

There are 4 types of Ukuleles which are the Baritone, the Tenor, Soprano and the Concert which we will be focusing later on.

Soprano ukulele is the standard type and the most common type of ukulele. Among the four types, the Soprano is the smallest in size. Because of its size, it is easier to bring when traveling. It is also thin while the sound is typical of a ukulele. The length of this uke is about 21 inches, tuning of GCEA and the number of frets range from twelve to fifteen in the best youth compound bow.

Best Concert Ukulele

When it comes to the biggest size, that is addressed by the baritone ukulele. With the length of 30 inches and above, with the tuning of DGBE and the fret of more than 19. It also has a deep rich sound. This type of uke is great for finger pickers and for blues player. Some people prefer it to match their deep voice for a much better blend when singing.

Tenor Ukulele is a slightly bigger than the concert ukulele. Because of that size, it has an even fuller tone or sound than the concert uke. The fuller, richer sound of the tenor uke makes it popular among performers. It can also reach a higher note since you have more frets in this kind of uke. The length of tenor uke is about 26 inches, frets of about more than 15 and the tuning of GCEA.

Next is the Concert ukulele which is often called the alto. It is slightly bigger than soprano but it has richer tone. Its length is about 23 inches, with a tuning of GCEA and the frets of about 15 to 20.

Now that I have told you the different models let me focus on my main agenda. What is the best Concert Ukulele under $100 for beginners.

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